Amy Jones* is a designer and creative ☞ making mischief IRL ✴︎ and URL ➺.

She comes up with ideas for brands, campaigns & the messy space in between. And then art directs the sh*t out of them. 


Google Translate x Consent Campaign – You Don't Need Us For This


Identities that stand out and tell a story. They’re digital-first but also grounded in the real world where audiences live and work. 



Creative-led campaigns that all start with a big idea. Beyond being nice to look at, they pick up a ton of social shares and press coverage too.

*Her approach.

Getting brands out there has never been so hard. With disenchanted audiences zoning out in front of billboards and eye-rolling at slogans, they're now more suspicious of sales than ever. At their wits' end with pushy promotions, audiences only remember the best.

Amy's not got a blueprint for going viral; neither has anyone else. She's happy to take a bloody good stab at it though.

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