A bright and bold visual identity for my boozy start-up*

A bright and bold identity for my Boozy start-up

A bright and bold identity for my Boozy start-up

A bright and bold identity for my Boozy start-up

A bright and bold identity for my boozy start-up

Schnap! Game

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Schnap! Game

Schnap! Game

The background

For those sick of googling the rules to Ring of Fire for the hundredth time, or searching high and low for ping pong balls, a new party game needed making. An unmissable product that would shake up the saturated and soggy party industry both online and off.

The big idea

Based on traditional snap, the rules are simple – first to call out a pair of matching cards gets to delegate the boozy forfeit to another player. Bright, bold and led by emoji-style illustrations, the high-contrast colour palette and easy-to-interpret actions made the 58-card deck easy to differentiate at speed.


The illustrations from the original edition translated into impactful animation assets for promo videos and social media, stepping out beyond the cards to help Schnap! become recognisable online and off.

Schnap Game Description

The impact

Made by the worldwide leader in card game manufacturing, Cartamundi, we launched the first edition in time for Freshers' Week 2019. It later went on to sell out, even breaking borders as packs flew out to Australia and the United States.


Coloured cards are forfeits, which when matched, a player can 'give' out


Special black action cards deliver game-changing moments

With thanks to

Cartamundi, for printing every pack, and Jack Andrews, for always having my back.

Absolutely no thanks to

Amazon, for eye-watering ecommerce costs.

My role

Identity, packaging and digital design

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