Product designer Jack Andrews and I have teamed up to bring you 'Schnap!' – an unmissable 58-card drinking game of forfeits and risks, proudly switching things up in a category of soggy cards and complex rules.

What is Schnap!?

Forget googling the rules to Ring of Fire, and searching high and low for ping pong balls. Based on the traditional game of snap, the rules are simple. First to slap the pile and call 'Schnap!' on two matching cards gets to delegate the cards' boozy forfeit to another player.

Schnap! is an easy-to-play, fast and drop-dead gorgeous card game to look at, so it doesn’t matter if you’re a student, stag or searching for the perfect Secret Santa, this is the drinking game for you. 

You can play it anywhere too – at home, in bars, or even on trains or planes whilst travelling.

Where can I buy Schnap!?

Schnap! is available for purchase in the Toys & Games section of Amazon UK, here.

The box contains 56 cards – 48 regular cards, 5 specials, 2 blanks and a rule card. Forfeits range from 'Sink Your Drink' to 'Glass of Water', and the cards are the size of a standard poker deck. We're proud to have had them professionally printed by Cartamundi, a world-leading manufacturer of card games. 

Having started life as a kitchen table paper prototype, you can discover the thinking behind this project on my Projects page.

We’re now excited to be premiering the drinking game on university campuses nationwide. So watch this space!


Update: We've since been chuffed to announce a second, limited edition with Leeds-based tattoo artist Lucy Blue and funded by Kickstarter. Read more about that here.


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